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Lose your Find / Replace window?

Working in VS2010, I suddenly lost my Find /Replace window. I found this post from Rick Strahl but unfortunately that doesn’t work for me since ALT-M is mapped as a menu shortcut.Solution: Window –> Dock.This will dock the window and then you can move it to your desired location.Cheers!

Visual Studio/SQL Server Management Studio Find and Replace with Regular Expressions

I needed to format a bunch of strings in SQL Management Studio (this works for VS also) and finally took the time to figure out Find/Replace with Regular Expressions. The first thing to note is that VS/SSMS use different regex codes (don’t know why but I’m sure they have their reasons). You can find the list of codes here.I have list of 3 strings containing 10 digits followed by a space and then 3 letters. I wanted to replace the digits with the word Descriptor.Here’s my data:1234567870 ABC 1234567880 DEF 1234567890 GHIHere’s my find expression:[0-9]^10 {[A-Z]^3}Here’s my replace expression:Descriptor: \1Here’s my result:Descriptor: ABC Descriptor: DEF Descriptor: GHIThe key is the {} brackets and \1. The {} brackets tell the engine I want to keep whatever matches the expression. This is called a Tagged Expression. The \1 says place the first tagged expression here. I can create multiple tagged expressions and place by using \1, \2, etc. I can even change the order in the result becau…