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Kurt Warner belongs in the Hall of Fame

Kurt Warner is the definition of a Hall of Famer. Why? Every time someone said quit, he kept fighting. He took what was given to him and made the best of it. Along the way he got a Superbowl ring, Superbowl MVP honors, season MVP honors and is one of the most dangerous QB's in the game. The greatest show on turf was not a fluke.

Probably the biggest single thing for me is a veteran player who says "I need to improve myself, fix what needs fixing and then I can lead my team". Kurt has done that. Improvements in reading receivers and how he holds the ball. There's not much more a coach can ask player to do.

Oh, by the way his character has been impeccable. A selfless player who works in the community for the benefit of others. Yes, character should count for HoF.

We need more guys like Kurt and Tony Dungy. Christian men who are not afraid to stand up and be counted.

BTW, please play next year. You've still got it and the game needs you!


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